The Collection

You'll find some of my favourite crafting tools and supplies for purchase here!

For all my handcrafted designs and creations, please visit my store on Madeit Australia. 

Choice, quality yarns are combined with beautiful designs, each emphasising the beauty and quality of the yarn. Hand dyed and hand spun yarns feature often throughout the collection, and most items are one of a kind with colour combinations rarely repeated.

My range will vary and you will find a limited and unique handcrafted range of items in crochet, hand knitting and weaving, with a wide variety of items including scarves, cowls, shawls, blankets, toys and tea sets. Quality unique items, handmade with care and handcrafted with love.

Scarves & Cowls, Shawls & Wraps
A beautiful scarf or shawl can be the perfect accessory to an outfit, and can be worn in so many ways. Wrap for warmth, drape for drama, or gather for style. My range uses a variety of beautiful yarns, and each design is chosen and created to emphasise the beauty and quality of the yarn. 

A stunning blanket can become an heirloom piece and will be treasured forever. I use a variety of choice, quality yarns, combining designs and yarn composition to create beautiful, quality pieces that will be cherished always. You will find a range from perfect pram size through to cot size and single bed.

Baby Sets
Adorable baby sets, perfect for a baby shower, baptism or a special gift for a newborn baby.

A range of items for children and adults that's beautiful, practical and warm. Items are washable and wearable, and my collection features bold, bright designs.

Toys & Dolls
Teddies, tea sets, dolls and play food - all sorts of soft toys to delight and stimulate your child's imagination.

Discover the versatility of crochet! From doilies and ornaments to cushions and bags, crochet can be artistic, functional, playful and beautiful. Soft crochet facecloths and makeup wipes are gentle on your skin and reusable too. Beautiful creations to decorate and delight!

An exceptional scarf to admire, a unique baby blanket to treasure, a special tea set to cherish. Craftsmanship to wear, wrap, enfold, embrace and play!

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