Clover Stitch Markers & Darning Needle Sets

$8.90 AUD - $10.90 AUD

Clover Locking Stitch Markers ( 3 available)
Packet of 20

Lock ring markers are used for marking positions of crochet or knitted stitches. Designed to hook onto the stitch, the safety pin locking mechanism assures that the marker will not fall off.

Clover Darning Needle Set (6 available)
Set of three sizes of darning / tapestry needles in a very handy plastic case.

These Clover darning needles are perfect for sewing up your knitting and crochet projects and weaving in loose ends.
This is a set of 3 needles in a screw-top container - great for keeping in your project bag.

Needle sizes: 13, 17 and 20.

Clover knitting & crochet accessories are made in Japan.